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Teeth Whitening – Waxhaw, NC

Take Your Teeth from Dull to Dazzling

beautiful woman with white teethDid you know that tooth enamel is not naturally white? In fact, the natural color of most people’s teeth is slightly yellow — and to make matters even worse, daily activities, such as drinking coffee, can lead to deep-set sets. Although your teeth may be perfectly healthy, your smile could be a bit lackluster. Fortunately, professional Opalescence teeth whitening in Waxhaw can vanquish those stains, brighten your teeth beyond their natural color, and give you the brilliant set of pearly whites you’ve always wanted.

How Opalescence Works

teeth whitening tray

If you’re interested in achieving a dazzling smile, simply visit your cosmetic dentist in Waxhaw. After we make sure that your teeth are healthy enough to be whitened, we’ll provide you with an Opalescence take-home whitening kit. The kit includes custom-fit bleaching trays and a strong bleaching solution. The active ingredient in the whitening gel is usually carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

Depending on the strength of the whitening gel we provide you with, you’ll wear a bleaching tray for 15 – 60 minutes each day. The oxygen in the bleaching agent will penetrate your teeth and break up discoloration. You may notice slight results after the first time you use Opalescence, but it usually takes about 5 – 10 days to take maximum effect. Many patients’ teeth become 6 – 10 shades brighter!

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

man’s confident, white smile

There are countless products on supermarket shelves that claim to remove stains from teeth, but most of these simply fight surface discoloration. Therefore, the results they provide may be mediocre at best. Opalescence breaks up even deep-set stains, providing you with the dramatic transformation you crave.

Other benefits of professional teeth whitening include:

  • It is very safe for most patients
  • It is one of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments
  • Whiter teeth can make you look younger and feel more confident

Maintaining Your Results

man brushing teeth

Teeth whitening is not a permanent procedure. However, your results can last for years if you take a few simple steps to prevent new stains from forming:

  • Always stick to an excellent oral hygiene routine that includes brushing twice daily with a whitening toothpaste and flossing at least once a day.
  • Watch what you eat and drink; coffee and red wine are notorious for causing stains, so you should enjoy such beverages in moderation.
  • Avoid tobacco in all its forms; the nicotine and tar can quickly turn your teeth yellow.

What Else Should You Know About Teeth Whitening?

Here are a few more fast facts about Opalescence teeth whitening to help you decide whether this treatment is right for you:

  • Bleaching gel can temporarily make your teeth more sensitive to temperature changes and acidic foods and beverages.
  • Opalescence won’t change the color of veneers, bonding, fillings, or other restorations.
  • It’s vital that you follow your dentist’s directions for using Opalescence. Overuse of the bleaching gel could damage your teeth.

Are you ready to own a brighter and more beautiful smile? Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic consultation.