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Pediatric Emergencies in Waxhaw, NC

Pediatric Emergencies
Some situations can be remedied or improved by following a few simple tips. While these suggestions do not solve all problems, they offer first-aid care until you can come to our office or your local emergency room.

Baby Teeth
If you notice your child has a permanent tooth erupting, and the baby tooth is not loose, don't worry. We recommend that you gently rock the baby tooth back and forth for a week to help expand the socket. You can also give your child hard foods, like apples and carrots, to encourage detachment. If you don't notice any improvement after two weeks, call our office to schedule an appointment.

If your child knocks out a baby tooth, don't panic. Keep the tooth, but DO NOT try to reimplant it in the socket. Call our office for an emergency care visit.

For chipped or broken baby teeth, rinse the tooth with warm water to remove any debris, and place a cold compress on the cheek to prevent swelling. Call our office for an emergency visit.

Knocked Out Permanent Tooth
Rinse the tooth gently under water to remove debris. Handle the tooth by the crown, and try not to touch the root, which contains ligaments that Dr. Ruocco will need for reattachment. If possible, place the tooth into the socket it fell from, and hold it in place or bite down on gauze until you get to our office. Otherwise, put the tooth into a baggie of milk or saliva, and bring it to us so that we can determine whether reattachment is possible. Please call us immediately, as time is a factor in whether or not we can save the natural tooth.

Broken Permanent Tooth
A cracked or broken tooth should be rinsed immediately with warm water. Then hold a cold compress against the affected tooth to reduce swelling while on your way to our office for assistance.

Cut/Bitten Tongue or Lip
Thoroughly clean the cut, then hold a cold compress against it. If bleeding does not stop, go to your local emergency room. Your child may need stitches.

Something Caught Between Teeth
Use dental floss to gently remove the debris, and be sure that you don't cut your gums with the floss. Do not use a sharp instrument to dislodge the debris. If floss doesn't help, call our office for an appointment.